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About is a started to help people across the world in their crypto-related things, here we have how-to’s, explainers, FAQs, tips and tricks, etc.

This website is an initiative by Gaurav Bhatnagar and Abhishek Bhatnagar.

Abhishek Bhatnagar – Founder & Editor-In-Chief

Abhishek Bhatnagar – He is a famous tech blogger, and YouTuber from India, he runs another website called – which revolves around gadgets reviews, how-tos, and tech news and comes among the popular tech publications in India. He can be reached at

Gaurav Bhatnagar – Co-founder

Gaurav is a techie by heart. After completing his education from Bhopal, He moved to California and pursued his interest in technology. Gaurav is currently working at Imply – A Silicon Valley startup which builds real-time analytics database.

Satyendra – Editor

Satyendra has been writing for a number of websites for over 7 years. He is responsible for all editorial work on CoinstoUse, from editing to publishing. He also writes on multiple topics and his coverage areas include smartphones tips and tricks, smart devices, social media, the internet, and, other tech how-tos.

You can check his author profile.

Aayush Mahant – Editor

Aayush Mahant has a diverse background in the field of emerging technologies – an IT graduate with a strong inclination and experience in cybersecurity as well as blockchain and a postgraduate in AI and Machine Learning. He endorses a multidisciplinary approach to navigate the crypto space (with an experience of 7 years) and other new-age technologies. He believes that the key to mastering a field is to never stop learning.

You can check his author profile.

Anshuman Jain – Author

Anshuman writes about consumer technology for Gadgets To Use and its sub-site, Browser To Use. He follows new trends and developments in the tech industry. He predominantly writes about Cryptocurrency topics on Gadgets To Use.

You can check his author profile.

Sivaram Sundar – Author

Sivaram is a passionate writer and crypto enthusiast who has a profound interest in blockchain technology. He drafts blogs and articles to make people understand Web 3.0 concepts in a simple and straightforward way.

You can check his author profile.